Research and Development

Testing Facility at Aquaconsult

Energy efficiency and longevity of aeration technologies are two of the most important challenges in wastewater treatment today. While many aeration systems are available, they vary widely in their power usage and lifespan when operating in wastewater treatment plants .  

It is generally accepted that the most efficient aeration systems are those employing fine bubbles: small and slowly ascending air bubbles offer the highest interfacial surface for oxygen transfer and offer an enormous energy-saving potential.

The secret lies in the membrane properties, perforation technology, and the design of the overall aeration system.

Intensive research activities in the areas of bubble size, oxygen-transfer rates, and oxygen-transfer efficiency are a daily routine at AQUACONSULT. The professionals are constantly improving perforation technique and are developing proprietary high productivity machines and testing facilities. Materials testing, spectrometry, and resistance to aggressive conditions are just a few key aspects of our internal research activities.   

Analysis on the influence of different substances contained in wastewater on the pressure drop and bubble pattern are part of this same intensive research.

The experts from AQUACONSULT offer the end user a scientific advantage through R&D on the membranes, as well as the diffuser construction.  The result is that the AEROSTRIP aeration system is the longest lasting, most efficient diffuser on the market today.