Quality and Longevity

Qualitytesting at Aquaconsult

„ For conventional short sludge retention time treatment plants (SRT 1 to 6 days), this [12-year old AEROSTRIP] system performed better than all previously tested fine pore diffuser systems installed; and even better than most new ones.“ 
Quote: Michael K. Stenstrom, Ph.D., P.E. - Distinguished Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

Accuracy and quality are one of our core values in the house of AQUACONSULT. This not only applies to our high performing membranes, but also to the final AEROSTRIP® diffusers which must pass intensive tests prior to shipment. This includes the final pattern and functionality test for every single diffuser in clean water.  At AQUACONSULT, developing, manufacturing and sales are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. In addition, the products of AQUACONSULT are certified by the GWT - Gütegemeinschaft Wassertechnik für Österreich (an Austrian association) founded 1976 with the aim to promote high quality products in the field of water treatment.

„The art is not in how to build one diffuser perfectly; the secret lies in how to make thousands of diffusers with the same extraordinary properties that provide years of long-term performance. “

By employing micrometric precision of the highest accuracy, providing exceptional quality, and delivering the longest proven lifespan, AQUACONSULT has become one of the major innovation leaders in the aeration industry over the last three decades.

The longevity of AEROSTRIP® is internally tested under the most severe imaginable conditions.  Recent studies are documenting how the products of AQUACONSULT behave better on site, and prove higher efficiency compared with new diffusers employing EPDM membranes.