Quality made in Austria

AQUACONSULT is a name associated with the most efficient aeration technology in wastewater treatment worldwide. The success story began in 1986 with the exhaustive research work of the newly formed AQUACONSULT Anlagenbau GmbH. Development of a diffuser using an elastic perforated-membrane of 100% polyurethane was a revolution in the industry at that time. This pioneering activity eventually launched the advanced strip-shaped diffuser -- AEROSTRIP® --in 1995, a milestone in aeration technology. The Austrian production facility lies south of Vienna, in the city of Traiskirchen and serves as the Headquarters of AQUACONSULT. High quality manufacturing is assured through a strong and highly-experienced team, as well as a quality control program unmatched in the industry. Rigorous testing is performed on each Aerostrip diffuser in our factory to ensure the highest possible performance. AQUACONSULT is a subsidiary of SANKI Engineering ltd which is based in Tokyo, Japan.

Each AEROSTRIP® diffuser manufactured by AQUACONSULT must pass a complex quality inspection process, and each diffuser receives its own unique serial number. This guarantees the highest confidence and eases the traceability of individual diffuser properties for the end-user.    

The experts at AQUACONSULT are able to test oxygen transfer rates for different designs and configurations in their own test-facility (equipped with a 4.5 m x 6.5 m tank, blowers and a laboratory for chemical analysis and data interpretation).  This allows the end user to receive certified oxygen transfer efficiency guarantees for specific designs that are the best in the industry.

Proudly Made in Austriaguarantees without fail the best possible performance and quality, while combining daring creativity with utilization of physical and chemical laws.